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Strong, Durable & Lightweight, Cold Formed Steel.

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Our floor and roof trusses are revolutionizing the Cold-Formed Steel industry, so it only makes sense that we offer the best C-stud products as well. Our design works perfectly in any pre-fabricated load bearing or curtain wall panel, floor joist or any structural framing need. Pre-punched to accommodate wall bracing, plumbing, electrical and mechanical lines. Our Ultra-Span trusses and C-studs will make your building better, period.

Load-bearing cold-formed steel wall panels are fabricated at our Avondale, AZ production facility and shipped to your project for installation. Whether you're building is one story or six, our load bearing panels speed erection time, increase quality, and simplify scheduling. Load bearing panels are comprised of axial and lateral bearing members, framed openings, hear walls, exterior sheathing, posts, floor systems, etc. Our load bearing panels can be combined with most exterior envelope options. windows and door blocking, and more.


MAC Prefab

The Best

In Metal Framing Technology

Cold-formed steel prefabricated trusses bring many advantages to your next structure. From being 100% non-combustible to the reduced weight of foundation designs for the more challenging soil conditions.  Cold-formed steel design also allows for anchorage to any bearing and 80+ foot clear spans. We offer a more cost effective option with complex sloped roof and ceiling plane designs.


MAC Prefab offers a variety of services. From Ultra-Span trusses, roof trusses, engineering and more. We are committed to bringing the highest quality of Cold-formed steel systems available.

Why CFS?


  • Highly customizable 

  • 100% non-combustible prime steel

  • One-sided fabrication

  • No warping shrinkage or twisting wit age

  • Resistant to mold, insects and rot

  • Greatest strength per pound of any CFS available

Services Designed 

For Your Project Needs

Construction Minded
Manufacturing Driven

At MAC Prefab, everything we do from top to bottom is of the highest quality to ensure we're equipped to help you reach your goals of your next project. A great company possesses a clear vision, has integrity and a clear focus. MAC Prefab embodies all of this. We know great leaders help people reach their goals and we know we can help you reach yours as well.

Matt Cormier

CEO, MAC Prefab


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