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Roof Trusses

Strong, durable and lightweight, cold-formed steel has become the preferred truss material with a wide range of applications. With its’ superior strength,
steel trusses have a number of unique qualities
to offer. Pre-attached connection clips, and competitive pricing are just a couple of reasons why metal roof and floor trusses may be right for your next projects.

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Photo Oct 12, 7 26 35 AM.jpg

Floor Trusses

It starts with design strength. Ultra-Span trusses are
developed using our Steel Engine software that
calculates the right amount of steel for your floor to give you all the strength you need but minimize the
amount of cold-formed steel used.

Design & Fabrication

Working with MAC Prefab brings significant value in the cold-formed steel world, but it is our software that really sets the standard in the industry. Using Steel Engine software lets you layout your floor, wall
and roof configuration to give you a good look at the Ultra-Span truss requirements.

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Green Building

Reducing materials and construction waste at a job site is a sustainable practice that helps gain LEED points. CFS is a preferable product in this regard because it can be manufactured on-site to exact specifications, which translates into less on-site waste. And thanks to steel’s recyclability, any scraps resulting from production can be repurposed into new product, keeping materials out of landfills.

Complex Framing

Complex concepts envisioned by contemporary designers are being translated into buildable structures by a new generation of master builders. The differences, however, are today’s building
materials can be considerably lighter weight than stone masonry of yore.

Complex Truss 2.jpg

Wall Panels

Our floor and roof trusses are revolutionizing the Cold-Formed Steel industry, so it only makes sense that we offer the best C-stud products as well. Our design works perfectly in any pre-fabricated load bearing or curtain wall panel, floor joist or any structural framing need. Pre-punched to accommodate wall bracing, plumbing, electrical and mechanical lines. Our Ultra-Span trusses and C-studs will make your building better, period.

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