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Wall Panels

Our cold-formed steel wall panels are fabricated at our Avondale, AZ production facility and shipped to your project for installation. Whether your building is one story or six, our load bearing, and non-load bearing wall panels speed erection time, increase quality, and simplify scheduling. Wall panels are comprised of axial and lateral bearing members, framed openings, shear walls, exterior sheathing, posts, floor systems, etc. Our panels can be combined with most exterior envelope options, windows, door blocking, and more. Pre-punched to accommodate wall bracing, plumbing, electrical and mechanical lines. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Alleviates todays on-site labor shortage

  • Cost effective alternative for high on site labor costs

  • Superior quality over most on-site applications

  • Significantly reduces construction schedule

  • Ideal for winter conditions

  • Expedites critical path and time to dry-in

  • All structural components are designed by our in-house staff

  • Fabrication continues effectively during inclement weather

  • Can incorporate support of structural steel framing such as bar joists, beams, and more.

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