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Designing a building with cold-formed steel floors, walls and roof trusses will give you tremendous versatility in the design. It begins with the strength that cold-formed steel offers, the durability, and the open floor designs you can create. Facilitating an architectural requirement is a lot easier when you have the flexible framing options cold-formed steel trusses provides. The best professional engineers in the industry ensure your truss systems are up to your standards. Need Blast Design capabilities? MAC Prefab has it. Need fire ratings? MAC Prefab has it. Basically, any building requirement you need, cold-formed steel can do it better, quicker and stronger with a longer building lifecycle. 


We work with the engineering firm Aegis. Working with Aegis brings significant value in the cold-formed steel world, but it is our software that really sets the standard in the industry. Using our proprietary Steel Engine software lets you layout your floor, wall and roof configuration to give you a good look at the Ultra-Span truss requirements. But it doesn’t stop there.

Once you have your basic shape created, we export it into our Truss Design software and do the necessary calculation to determine sizes, shapes, loads, webs, chords and all the factors involved in your project.

Finally, we feed that information back into Steel Engine to give you an accurate, complete 3D model of your project with all the load factors calculated.

And one last benefit to our software, it allows you to design panels, so you can plan your entire project for prefabrication in the shop, leading to tremendous field erection savings. When you get down to the essentials of making money in construction with CFS, MAC Prefab is the only choice to assure profitability.

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